Last update: Fri, May 03, 2019


My name is Set Hallström, I am a 1980 born half-Swiss, half-Swedish humanoïd. I spent my formative years in Sweden but moved to Switzerland when I was 7 years old and later to Spain at 25 to work as a free-lance graphic designer and music producer in the thriving scene of Electronic music of Barcelona. These moves helped me to develop my interest for different languages, and today I speak five fluently. I have a broad and genuine interest for people and this, combined with my well-developed communication skills, gives me the perfect tools to work with in social environments. I am reliable and upfront. One of my most appreciated skills is my attention to detail and my ability to remain clear in very stressful or difficult situations and communicate my calm.

I have a big interest in graphic design, music production and I love to thinker about all the ways humans interact and communicate with each other. My schooling at École Cantonale d'Art du Vallais (Swiss Art-school, today known as EDHEA) and my experiences as free-lance graphic designer have given me deep knowledge of several tools for printed- / digital-publications, such as the complete Adobe products suit, several CMS systems including the codes and the mechanisms behind these digital-platforms such as: HTML, CSS, PHP mySQL and Apache. Free Open Source Software and DIY advocate, I have been volunteering as Project-Leader for the multimedia flavour of the Operating System "Ubuntu" ( and I am the initiator of the non-profit digital record-label and artist-management foundation

When I am not working, I spend most of my time writing music, poetry, animating or experimenting with my own Ubuntu servers.







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